SpoonfulOne Product Page

SpoonfulOne is a comprehensive food mix-in designed to protect babies from food allergies.



I redesigned the SpoonfulOne product description page (PDP) for a free trial program conceived to boost customer acquisition. The product concept was so new that it became important for customers to understand it’s value and justify the price point. The new landing page saw an immediate spike in conversions and served the dual purpose as the ad landing page. Here’s the page before and after.



  • Research landing page designs of other subscription businesses. Create design mood boards and outline other landing page flows to better understand their flow of content.

  • Brainstorm ideas with the project goal in mind.

  • Gather content review photos, press quotes, testimonials, etc to see what we might include in the PDP

  • Wireframe, design, & launch This part was very fluid. I was constantly iterating on new learnings and feedback.


Design Solution:

  • Simplify content and messaging to emphasize our unique value proposition.

  • Make it Visual broke up the text with images and icons. Use diagrams & photos to explain how the product works.

  • Validate Product with the support of influencer quotes and press mentions. Also, to peak audience interest.